In this page you can find some free software made by me. Feel free to download, use and report bugs or request new features.



SWL SatLogger

Logbook for SWL Satellite contacts.

  • Log contacts in realtime
  • Off-line logging
  • Realtime eQSL Upload
  • Realtime ClubLog Upload
  • DDE Client for HamRadio Deluxe Satellite Tracker / Orbitron
  • Automatically Track Satellite Name, Frequency and Elevation
  • HamQTH Callsign Lookup
  • QSO Statistics including Worked satellites, band and modes
  • ADIF file export
  • Gridfile generator for DX Atlas
  • QSL Managing
  • Satellite DX Cluster
  • Customizable sat names, bands and modes
  • HTML stats generator

 Available in 32bit and 64bit version. Working on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Main program window


QSL Management window


Current software release: 2.5 (June 2018)

Please note: This software is FREE to use. A 3rd party demo plugin from MonkeyBreadSoftware is included in this version to run the DDE Client, when DDE is activated sometimes a notification window fires up. I'll made this software for my logging purpose. If you'll find it useful, feel free to use, ask for new features, help and report bugs.
I believe in free software in our Amateur Radio community.
If you want to make a donation to help me buy the full version of the MonkeyBread DDE Plugin drop me a mail. Your help will be very appreciated. Thanx.



Windows 32bit: SWL_SatLog-32.rar
Windows 64bit: SWL_SatLog-x64.rar

Configuration: on first run you have to set your Callsign and WWLocator on config window.

Manual is available HERE and also inside the program by clicking "Help -> Manual".

Notes on upgrade from previous version: when a new version is available you'll get a notification at startup. Download the upgrade, close SWL SatLogger, overwrite the files and re-launch the program.


Satellite Helper

Small utility that displays active satellites frequencies and mode.

Satellite Helper main window




Current software release: 1.2.42
Current frequencies DB: 004 17-Dec-2016



Windows executables: Satellite_Helper.rar
Frequencies DB only: Satellite_Helper_data.rar