In this page you can find some free software made by me. Feel free to download, use and report bugs or request new features.

  1. SWL SatLogger (Logging software for Satellites)
  2. Satellite Helper (Frequency Manager for satellites)
  3. SWL WSJT Logger (WSJT QSO Grabber)
  4. SWL PrintQSL (QSL Printing for SWL [beta])


SWL SatLogger

Logbook for SWL Satellite contacts.

  • Log contacts in realtime
  • Off-line logging
  • Realtime eQSL Upload
  • Realtime ClubLog Upload
  • DDE Client for HamRadio Deluxe Satellite Tracker / Orbitron
  • Automatically Track Satellite Name, Frequency and Elevation
  • HamQTH Callsign Lookup
  • QSO Statistics including Worked satellites, band and modes
  • ADIF file export
  • Gridfile generator for DX Atlas
  • QSL Managing
  • Satellite DX Cluster
  • Customizable sat names, bands and modes
  • Telemetry recorder/browser
  • HTML stats generator

 Available in 32bit and 64bit version. Working on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Main program window


QSL Management window

 Telemetry Browser

Current software release: 2.7 (October2018)

Please note: This software is FREE to use. A 3rd party demo plugin from MonkeyBreadSoftware is included in this version to run the DDE Client, when DDE is activated sometimes a notification window fires up. I'll made this software for my logging purpose. If you'll find it useful, feel free to use, ask for new features, help and report bugs.
I believe in free software in our Amateur Radio community.
If you want to make a donation to help me buy the full version of the MonkeyBread DDE Plugin drop me a mail. Your help will be very appreciated. Thanx.



Windows 32bit: SWL_SatLog-32.rar
Windows 64bit: SWL_SatLog-x64.rar

Configuration: on first run you have to set your Callsign and WWLocator on config window.

Manual is available HERE and also inside the program by clicking "Help -> Manual".

Notes on upgrade from previous version: when a new version is available you'll get a notification at startup. Download the upgrade, close SWL SatLogger, overwrite the files and re-launch the program.


Satellite Helper

Small utility that displays active satellites frequencies and mode.

Satellite Helper main window




Current software release: 1.2.42
Current frequencies DB: 004 17-Dec-2016



Windows executables: Satellite_Helper.rar
Frequencies DB only: Satellite_Helper_data.rar



QSO extractor for WSJT-X: grab logfiles and extract QSO's. Currently working with FT8 and WSPR modes.


2 Modes available: Local File or Remote Raspberry.

Local File

Simply load ALL.TXT file from WSJT-X to extract QSO. Callsigns are unique, so only 1 QSO per Callsign per Band will be logged.


Remote Raspberry

Connect to a remote Raspberry and grab QSOs.

On your raspberry, you have to install LightHTTPD server (a very simple web server) and create a folder named "archivio" on your webserver (/var/www/html/archivio) then add a simple shell script to your /etc/crontab file to perform logfile rotation.

Create a file called in your home directory

# LogFile rotation for WSJT-X
data=$(date +%F);
mese=$(date +%m);
anno=$(date +%Y);
giorno=$(date +%d);
ore=$(date +%H);
minuti=$(date +%M)


cartella="/home/pi/.local/share/WSJT-X/" ## Change path to match your own home directory
destinazione="/var/www/html/" ## Your Webserver root

killall wsjtx

cp $cartella/ALL.TXT $destinazione$archivio$nomearchivio
cp $cartella/ALL_WSPR.TXT $destinazione$archivio$nomewspr
rm $cartella/ALL.TXT
rm $cartella/ALL_WSPR.TXT

rm -f $cartella$wavfiles/*.wav
ls -1 /var/www/html/archivio/*.txt > /var/www/html/archivio/files.index ## Here also change WebServer root
sleep 2;
/usr/bin/wsjtx &

Make the file executable by typing: chmod +x

Now edit your /etc/crontab file and add this 2 lines:

*  *    * * *   pi   cp /home/pi/.local/share/WSJT-X/ALL.TXT /var/www/html/
0 */4 * * * pi export DISPLAY=:0 && /home/pi/

Explanation of crontab file:

  • Every minute the ALL.TXT file will be copied into local webserver folder
  • Every 4 hours WSJT-X will be stopped, logfiles rotated and restarted


By your PC side, configure SWL WSJT Logger to fit your raspberry webserver address / archive folder.

Each 4 hours you'll se a new logfile available to exctract QSOs.



Windows 32bit: SWL_WSJT-32.rar
Windows 64bit: SWL_WSJT-x64.rar


QSL Print for SWL

A QSL Printing System for SWL.

  • Perform QSL Lookup over and/or HamQTH
  • Print directly on QSL Cards

Main program window

Right mouse-click menu

Sample manual writing QSL

Printing positions setup


Current software release: 1.1 (October2018)

This software is FREE to use.


Windows 32bit: SWL_QSLprint-32.rar
Windows 64bit: SWL_QSLprint-x64.rar