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Sezione A.R.I. Latina

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[14:23] de I2YBC:after 3 months and having paid via oqrs. it does not seem a shame to you. not still receive qsl from the Russians .... the last dx exp.? shame
[14:14] de IK3VUT:rx3asq stop calling ii3l
[13:25] de SM5LNE-1:C21WW pse 20 CW now.
[09:51] de CT7APD:test prop 28180 ft4 go any...
[09:03] de IK6IJF:To C21WW when CW for EU??
[08:27] de G4FKA:Thanks for listening. Audible hear on low dipole. 73.
[07:03] de OH1MRR:IK0UTM Please FOX/HOUND mode
[07:00] de I2YBC:ma perche fate qrm a 7'12 shame
[05:34] de OH1MRR:I don't like ICOM radios, volume ctrl knop is wrong place, it's not HAM radio :)
[05:05] de SR9DDF-12:DX Cluster Silesian University of Technology * Gliwice * IP: port 9000 at 20-Sep-2019 0505Z
[22:24] de PY2AAM:CQ CQ CQ
[21:31] de PY1CG:Gracias Natalia, 73
[19:53] de IZ5YEK:Italian navy ships award
[15:02] de OE9WPV:oh5o pse what is wrong tel me pse
[13:49] de IZ1UJM:ii0han
[12:22] de I5FLN:unfortunatly actually FFF-2801 is not into Directory es never requested
[10:54] de 4X1DA:Nick from NE Crete working through SV5A on Rhodes Is.
[10:05] de SR9DDF-12:DX Cluster Silesian University of Technology * Gliwice * IP: port 9000 at 19-Sep-2019 1005Z
[08:46] de G3LDI:GB7LDI Norfolk Cluster - Port 7000
[08:45] de G3LDI:GB7LDI - Maintenance done - online Port 7000
[08:11] de R9WEI:100
[21:32] de VA2IG:congrats oms ! FuTar8/4 or F/H is destroying real hams and friendship!
[19:48] de IZ5YEK:Italian navy ships award
[18:52] de EA1BUL:test
[16:34] de YO4RZU:test
[16:12] de IK7JTF:AM or SSB or CW is human mode, need use your ears, FT8 no need ears
[16:03] de W4UCK:enough of the anti-ft8. Go back to spark or AM
[15:55] de HA4TU:IK7JTF Please be quiet you OLD MAN from stupid Italy
[15:54] de DJ6TF:always FT8 FT8 FT8 :-(
[15:54] de IK7JTF:true FT8 for lazy people, go to CB to play with PC
[15:53] de IW0DGS:The previous two days were CW and SSB. Now it's FT8 and tomorrow something else. Stop that stupid grin.
[15:44] de IK7JTF:wait for next good dxpedition on T30 by Stan, T30GC real ham not PC operator
[15:33] de EA3NP-2:ea3/m0npt 14.223
[15:05] de SR9DDF-12:DX Cluster Silesian University of Technology * Gliwice * IP: port 9000 at 18-Sep-2019 1505Z
[14:18] de SM5LNE:To OH1MRR but I working.
[14:16] de SM5LNE:C21WW any 20 CW ?
[11:14] de OE9WPV:
[11:06] de DJ6TF:FT8 disturb HamRadio
[11:06] de DJ6TF:disturb HamRadio
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